The Barge Carrier Concept

LASH carrier in the Waalhaven Rotterdam

When reaching the mothership’s port of call, the barges are launched from the mothership for the remaining part of their journey, i.e. from anchorage to final destination or vice versa. The barge carrier concept can broadly be divided into two categories, i.e. “Lighter Aboard Ship” (LASH) and “Barge Container Carrier” (BACO). Other barge carrier types include Heavy Lift vessels and Naval Auxiliary vessels. Two further designs, i.e. the “Barge Catamaran” (BACAT) and “Sea Barge” (SEABEE) are currently no longer in use. Barge carriers typically transport the following break bulk/neo bulk cargoes: forest products (various types); project, oversized and other cargo (e.g. plant equipment); steel products (various types); and bulk commodities.