Number of Cruise Ports managed per Port Authority: The Med (2015)

Number of cruise ports managed per Port Authority: Mediterranean Sea, 2015

Source: MedCruise Fact Finding Report (2015). Piraeus: MedCruise.

An increasing number of Port Authorities manage today more than one port. An illustrative example is cruise ports in the Meditteranean Sea. A survey conducted by MedCruise in 2015 revealed that 13% of Port Authorities operating the smaller cruise ports in the region, i.e. those hosting less than 80.000 passenger movements per year, are responsible for two ports.

The percentage of Port Authorities that are responsible for more than one port increases to 47% in the case of the bigger cruise ports in the region (i.e., those hosting more than >80.000 per year): 21,9% of Port Authorities are responsible for two cruise ports, and 25% for three or more cruise ports.