Caisson Construction Tema Port, Ghana

Caisson construction of Tema Port Ghana

Source: adapted from Samara M., Meridian Port Services (MPS)

Tema Port in Ghana was constructed by MPS, a consortium of Bolloré Ports, Ghana Ports and Harbour Authority, and APM Terminals. The caisson method was used. A trench was dredged in the seabed 19m deep to receive 74 caissons. These concrete blocks of 1000 cubic meters and 2600 tons each, were pre-constructed on land and moved onto a floating dock by rolling them on inflatable air bags. The floating dock transported the caissons to the trench location. On the spot, the floating dock was sunk, which allowed the caissons to float and to be transported until their final position with tugs. Each caisson was sunk and filled with sand. The last step consisted of casting the deck of the quay on top.