Selected Port Community Systems

PortSystem NameSystem Description
SingaporeTradeXchangeSingle electronic window for workflow entries, submissions and inquiries relating to all seaports, airports, maritime authorities, customs and controlling agencies.
RotterdamPortBase2009 Merger between Rotterdam’s Port infolink (2002) and Amsterdam’s PortNET (2000). Online platform and communication service that links freight forwarders, agents and terminals to customs.
AntwerpAPCS (Antwerp Port Community System)Platform between the port authority, customs, shippers, shipping companies, ship’s agents, forwarders, terminal operators, road and rail carriers, barge operators, logistic service providers.
HamburgDAKOSYWeb-based freight tracking and order entry system for shippers and freight forwarders.
New York / New JerseyFIRST (Freight Information Real-time System for Transport)Internet-based, real-time network that integrates sources of freight location and status into a single web portal to allow port users to access cargo and port information.
Valenciavalenciaportpcs.netOnline platform labeled as a port community system linking freight forwarders, Customs, terminal information systems and gate management systems.
Los AngelesPort OptimizerCloud-based platform connecting the port and supply chain stakeholders to handle cargo flows in a more predictable and timely manner.

Most of the port authorities are implementing their own platforms as an interface between the main stakeholders using their services. Each is an ad hoc design trying to integrate the massive amounts of involved channels and data flows.