New Chapter about Ports and the Circular Economy

Circular Economy Transition Phases for Ports

The Ports and the Circular Economy chapter is the latest addition to Port Economics, Management, and Policy. It is a collaboration between the main authors of the textbook: Theo Notteboom, Thanos Pallis, and Jean-Paul Rodrigue.

The main issues covered include:

  • The potential and the role of ports in circular economy implementation.
  • The impacts of the circular economy on seaport ecosystems.
  • A critical synthesis of what already exists concerning the role of ports in a circular economy also provides new concepts and ideas.
  • A circularity strategy for ports.

The chapter has been made possible with the support of Circular Flanders. Further information and background material on circularity in ports can be found in the Circular Ports section of the Circular Flanders website.