Benefits of Home-porting at the Port of Barcelona

Benefits from Home port Port of Barcelona 2014

Source: Port de Barcelona and Turisme de Barcelona (2014). Cruise activity in Barcelona: Impact on the Catalan economy and socioeconomic profile of cruise passengers.

In 2014, the revenues resulting from cruise activities at the Port de Barcelona, the major cruise port in Europe, were estimated at an average of € 202 spending per cruise passenger hosted in Barcelona with an overnight stay in a hotel, compared to a respective € 57 average spending of cruise passengers without an overnight stay and an average €156 spending of a holiday tourist in the city with an overnight stay in a hotel. The same year, Barcelona port served 841 cruise calls and 2,6 m. cruise passenger movement, 1,22 of which used the port as the starting port of their cruise. Five years later, the number of cruisers per annum exceeded the three million threshold.

Per year, Barcelona was found to receive €315.8 million from cruise passengers spending, €121.2 million from cruise lines (shopping and fuel supply services, provisions, terminal services, travel agencies and tour operator services, etc.) and €5.5 million from crew spending.

In 2018, CLIA calculated the spending of a passenger before boarding a cruise at $376 and the spending at a port while visiting during a cruise at $101.