Port Governance Tasks: Management of Emerging Issues

Port Governance Tasks Management of Εmerging Ιssues indicative

The management of emerging issues and the efficient and effective adaptation of port organization and operations represent a group of key port governance activities. Within a dynamic economic context marked by business model adjustments by carriers, transportation companies along the supply chains, as well as port terminal operators and other service providers, the themes of this group expand. Responses to the continuing consolidation and alliance formation of the shipping industry or the coordination of the integration of ports and landside transport modes are two of the most illustrative examples of such issues. Technological trends add further emerging issues, including the advancement of collaboration in innovation and new technologies implementation, generation of blockchains, and cybersecurity. While the specific themes may, and will, change in the future, the allocation of responsibilities regarding the leadership and implementation of strategies and specific plans to address emerging issues remains a core part of port governance models.