Art Dedicated to Dock Workers

Examples of art dedicated to dock workers

In many port cities, statues or other artworks honoring the contribution of dockworkers to the development and competitiveness of the port can be found. Some examples include:

  1. ‘De Dokwerker’ by Mari Andriessen in Amsterdam, the Netherlands in commemoration of the February strike of 1941.
  2. ‘Buildrager’ monument of the harbor worker by  Constantin Meunier, near City Hall in Antwerp, Belgium. The words below the statue mean labor (arbeid) and freedom (vrijheid).
  3. Dockers statue by Les Johnson at the north side of the Royal Victoria Dock, London, UK.
  4. Statue on the Liffey in Dublin.
  5. Work by street artist JR in support of the dockers of Le Havre, France.
  6. The ‘Docker’ by artist Colin Miller, Jersey.