Port Terminal Infrastructure and Superstructure

Port Terminal Infrastructure Investments

Port terminals, including container terminals, are composed of integrated infrastructure and superstructure systems. The construction, maintenance, and upgrade of these elements require substantial capital investment.

  • Land reclamation works.
  • Capital dredging and maintenance dredging of access channels and basins.
  • Quay-wall construction and maintenance.
  • Apron, mooring equipment and fenders.
  • Terminal handling equipment (ship-to-shore cranes, yard equipment, etc.).
  • Electric installations and wiring.
  • Telecommunication installations and wiring.
  • Paving of the terminal.
  • On-terminal rail facilities (yards and spurs).
  • Roads on the terminal.
  • Warehouses and technical buildings.
  • Fencing and video surveillance (port security).
  • Truck gates and inspection.
  • Office buildings.
  • Environmental mitigation (noise and emission standards abatements).